JURONOID Collections

What influence can we as participants in this creative world have on the norms,
Standards, bureaucracy and money-controlled world? JURONOID embodies
positive messages that arise from social or political problems
grow out in an artistic way and hold us as humans and also ourselves
a mirror in front of you.

An overview


Unsere aktuelle Kollektion, erforscht die Naivität in einem Zeitalter, in dem Algorithmen unser Verhalten prägen und Social Media unser tägliches Leben durchdringt. Jedes Stück in unserer Kollektion erzählt eine Geschichte von Verwundbarkeit und der Suche nach Authentizität in einer digitalen Welt.

Nicht nur eine Kollektion, sondern ein Statement darüber, dass wir in einer Welt voller Technologie und sozialer Medien unsere eigene Authentizität und kritische Perspektive bewahren müssen.

Alcatraz Angels

The collection name is derived from an extreme example.
Alcatraz is the name of the infamous US maximum security prison island.
There was a ban on speaking and the lights were on at maximum intensity around the clock
guarding. There was icy silence on America's Devil Island.
According to official information, no one ever managed to escape from Alcatraz.
The goosebump-inducing appearance of Alcatraz is a reflection of the prisoners' souls,
who came into the world purely (= allusion to angels) and ended up as monsters, one
Social criticism.

Social Media is a Drug

When we consume alcohol or drugs, dopamine is released in our brain. This is no different when using social media. Nowadays, these are increasingly becoming a problematic addiction. This can no longer go unnoticed! "Social media is a drug!" - JURONOID wants to call for more mindfulness with the new collection. Drugs and alcohol are no longer the only addiction problem! Our social media behavior is like a whirlpool. We are drawn ever deeper into it and at some point we are defenseless against the power of the algorithms. People find themselves in filter bubbles, becoming vulnerable to fake news and even radicalization.
JURONOID wants to create more awareness of dangers with and for its young target group.

Lost Dreams

As children we all had big dreams. The smile was even more genuine and no one could stop us with mere words. Without balance, envy and greed, the bottom line was that we were happy with what we got. It wasn't important how big the house was, but that there was love in it.
The child wants to draw the adult's attention to this in the print on the mirror hoodie with the sentence "NEVER FORGET WHO YOU WERE".
while the future self in the mirror warns about the future:
This is related to the difference between tangible and intangible treasures and values.
The adult can appear on the outside as if he has everything - even if he is brutal, greedy and unloving on the inside.
Because even the most expensive watch doesn't give us time!

Out of Shadow

The motif of the Out of Shadow collection is a social fact of the so-called "two faces" of, for example, devious people and, in the broadest sense, a schizophrenic truth of life that is reflected in people's actions.
Everyday examples: fraud, lies, deliberate deception - a complex fact that we present in the form of a hateful, true face under a false, friendly mask.
This affects all sorts of areas of life from friendships to business relationships, usually in a negative way. This now also plays a major role in social networks, for example by portraying people on the Internet differently than they actually are. But the fact is that “fake people” of this kind are a problem in all age groups and areas, which we want to draw attention to with our graphic print.
Each of us has experience with this.
The words "Out of the Shadow" explain the motif, whereby a person's truth comes to light, as if literally from the shadow into the light, by taking off or putting on the "false mask" and revealing his true face appears.