The company name is derived from the first names of the founders Julian (=JU), Robin (=RO) and the word ParaNOID. The two brothers founded the company in 2017 at the tender ages of 16 and 18 while they were at school.

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  • Vision

    In 5 years we will be serving an international clientele. In 10 years we will establish Pop Up
    Stores in fashion capitals. Our focus is on what absolutely stands out
    Shows, sophisticated messages in collections, which always tell their own story in images, writing and form, and a familial customer loyalty through a personification of the brand by its founders.

    JURONOID will continue to be expressed through its messages through fashion, shows and collaborations.
    being shaped.

    We will become the young fashion provider with the most exciting customer experience

  • Mission

    JURONOID has made it its mission to bring concise and relevant societal, political and social issues into the fashion world and to educate young people
    To provide a platform on which they can realize themselves creatively. The purpose of the activity lies in being part of the fast-moving and profit-oriented fashion industry
    to oppose the overall concept.

    Our core competencies lie in creating collectibles instead of fast fashion, bringing together creative people hand in hand with customers for a common purpose and operating financially independently of third parties

  • Values

    JURONOID is independent due to our financing structure, our young age and our openness to new topics. We are visionary, thanks to our stringent
    Storytelling in our collections since the founding of our brand. Passion is part of JURONOID, because we and our team work freely, with heart and soul for our vision.
    Our working methods are sustainable because this is our social and ecological responsibility as a company in the 21st century. We distance ourselves from.

    Lack of transparency, overproduction, a throwaway culture and unrealistic ideals of beauty.